Welcome to Tomawin Dormitory

Welcome to Tomawin Dormitory



Tomawin Dormitory was established by PTFI on August 1996. The Dorm established as an undivided part of PTFI’s concern for Papuans, especially for Amungme as a local tribe on the issue of Corporate Social Responsibility and Commitment to Local Development.


The Word “TOMAWIN” is derived from Damal tribal Language which means a place for straightening arrow. It also mean a place where all of imperfect fiber will be straightened, hardened, sharpened, and strengthened to be an arrow that ready to be shot, sliding fast and far to its target at its time.


VISION AND MISSION: The Vision of Tomawin is to create people with good character, independent, dignified, and inclusive and the mission is to build and to develop the children’s potency so that they can have a worthy and appreciated life.


GENERAL PURPOSE: The Children can be confident in developing their good potency in social community.

  • Organizing the dorm educational program which put priority on: building a good character (maturity, independence, solidarity, tolerance, and faith), Excellence (academic achievement, creativity, art, and communication) and social responsibility.
  • Every children dares to take the risk and responsibility, growing up and becoming an advanced personal.


OPERATIONAL PURPOSE: After graduated from Tomawin Dormitory hopefully the children have integrity to develop themselves to a higher education level. To implement the things above the efforts in supervising the children are:

  • Developing spirituality which is good and progressive
  • Developing mental and personality
  • Developing intellectual guidance
  • Social Ethics development
  • Talents and interest development
  • Work Ethics Development, and
  • Physical Development



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