Welcome to Elementary School Tembagapura

Welcome to Elementary School Tembagapura

YPJ Tembagapura's Elementary  School is one of three schools on campus YPJ Tembagapura founded in 1973 by PT. Freeport Indonesia under the auspices of the Jayawijaya Education Foundation with the primary goal to providing the best education for children of PTFI employees and affiliates.


Being in the working area of ​​PT Freeport Indonesia, which geographical location in the highland of Mimika Regency precisely under the foot of the mountain Zaagham Mile 68 Tembagapura district at an altitude of 2300 meters above sea level so have a cold climate is cool and misty with high rainfall.


We are national schools that implement the National Curriculum in 2013 in the framework of the PYP (Primary Years Programme) of the International Bacculaureate Organization based in Switzerland.  Our facilities provided by PT. Freeport Indonesia is quite adequate for our schools, coupled with the professional teaching staff because recruited with high criteria. we also providing educational services to childrens  of indigenous people live ini villages are in the work area such as PT Freeport Indonesia in Tembagapura, Village of Banti, Arwanop and Tsinga. They are placed in Dormitory Tomawin Tembagapura to be fostered by knowledge, and mental spiritual.


We organize some extracurricular fields outside teaching and learning activities, such as: Scouts; English Club; Papuan dance; Javanese dance,  Bali dance; Martial arts; Choir; German language; IT (Computer); and various spiritual activities for Christian, Catholic and Muslim.


Similarly, brief information about YPJ Tembagapura's Elementary School, thanks visited our site.


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