Welcome to Tembagapura Early Childhood Education

Welcome to Tembagapura Early Childhood Education

 VISION:   To be a Proud Innovative and Progressive School

Tuti Kumalasari
School Principal

Praises should we give toward the presence of God's Almighty for mercy and grace to us.


Tembagapura's Early Childhood Education is one the schools of the Jayawijaya Education Foundation located on the campus of Tembagapura, founded in 1986 by PT. Freeport Indonesia with the primary goal of providing the best education for the children of PT Freeport Indonesia employees


Our school located in the PTFI work area, which geographical location in the highlands of Mimika, precisely under the foot of the mountain Zaagham Mile 68 Tembagapura district at an altitude of 2300 meters above sea level so the climate is cold, cool and misty with high rainfall.


We are national schools that apply the National Curriculum within the framework of PYP (Primary Years Program) of the International Baccalaureate Organization based in Switzerland. Our early childhood learning methods is Inquiry, Play Based Learning and Active Learning, Innovative, Creative and Fun. In the PYP learning every unit, we use the five Elements PYP namely; 1). Knowledgeable, 2). Skills, 3). Attitudes, 4). Understanding Conceptual, 5). Action an accompanied by the 10 learner’s profile, which is Well-Balanced, Care, Risk-taker, Reflective, Principled, Open-minded, Knowledgeable, Inquiry, Thinkers and Communicators.


Some learning programs are also provide to students include the literacy program, Classroom Library, Second Steps program (in collaboration with the Learning Support), Social Skill and collaboration with International School located next to our school. All school facilities provided by PT. Freeport Indonesia, with adequate according to the needs of the students, coupled with the professional teaching staff with high criteria recruited, give us hope students will be handle properly and get a meaningful learning.


Similarly, brief information about us, thanks for visited our website.



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