As an inclusive school, YPJ strives to meet the needs of every one of its students. Each student needs to be challenged appropriately according to his or her individual needs and level of ability.  Appropriate challenge is necessary for each student to grow and develop as a person and life-long learner.  Some students require enrichment, over and above the standard curriculum.  Some students require simplified tasks and assessments.  In addition, a small percentage of students require special attention and support.  These special support services are provided when necessary, according to the specific needs of the student and as resources allow.  YPJ strives to provide special academic and/or social-emotional support to students who have exceptional needs.  This support takes place most often in the classroom, but it can also happen outside the normal classroom and class schedule in small groups or individually as needed. 


The structure of YPJ’s Student Services is based on the RTI (Response To Intervention) model,* like a tiered pyramid. Students Services staff aim firstly to support classroom teachers to help them provide for their special-needs students appropriately and effectively in the classroom during the normal class schedule.  Student Services staff sometimes provide support in classrooms during normal class time.  When appropriate, the Student Services staff also provide direct support to students in the form of instruction and counseling outside the classroom.  Special Student Services support happens only with consensus among school leadership, the classroom teacher, a Student Services coordinator and the student’s parents.


YPJ Student Services also helps to facilitate the Second Step† program throughout the school. Second Step is a research-based, school-wide program to help equip students with social-emotional skills and help improve the culture of the school as a whole.