Profile of Yayasan Pendidikan Jayawijaya's School

Profile of Yayasan Pendidikan Jayawijaya's School


Vision: To be a Proud Innovative and Progressive School


Objective: Develop the young generation of intelligent, character, faith, superior and able to face the challenges of the present time.


Educational value: The values ​​of the school is beliefs that encourage the practice of professional and interpersonal relationships for the entire school community.

YPJ school value are:

  • Honesty,
  • Responsible,
  • Empathy,
  • Open Mind,
  • Integrity.


Leadership Commitment YPJ:

Values ​​the school is closely related to the character formation of students according laid down in the K-13 as well as profiles of students (Learners' profile) the global perspective (International mindedness) of the International Baccalaureate (IBO). Thus YPJ graduate students are expected to have a strong character and a high level of skill.

  • Realizing the vision, purpose and values ​​of the school.
  • Creating a learning environment that is safe and attractive.
  • Support the learning process quality.
  • Prioritize responsibility, a culture of excellence and high expectations in learning.
  • Partnering with the school community through open communication, mutual respect and collaboration.
  • Conduct planning and implementation of relevant and innovative curriculum.


Teacher Commitment:

  • Put high expectations and believe that all students will learn and succeed.
  • Guiding students with a caring and strict criteria for success.
  • Teach the curriculum is assured, coherent, and relevant.
  • Communicate regularly with parents, teachers, and students to ensure that all have gained information and terbat.
  • Provide direct assistance in a timely manner and systematically to ensure all students learn.
  • Continuous learning in a professional, focused on improving the quality of teaching.
  • Responsible professionally, act with integrity, to develop caring relationships and mutual respect.
  • Using Assessment to inform teaching and learning
  • Caring for the environment and ensure a safe learning both physically and emotionally.
  • Cooperate with each other to create a high performance team.
  • Finding solutions and possibilities with an open mind.


Commitment Parents:

  • Understand, engage in achieving the mission, goals, and values ​​of the school.
  • Engage in open and appropriate communication with teachers, school leaders and management.
  • Cooperate implement school policies and procedures effectively.
  • Support the students a good learning atmosphere in the home.


Student commitments:

  • Cooperate, show integrity and respect for others.
  • Care of the school environment.
  • Finding a solution, ask questions, develop self-management skills to support the learning process.
  • Do your best in all aspects of learning.


Learning Approach:

  • We carry out the process of learning that ensures all students
  • School YPJ provide education that is responsive and scalable where all students are engaged, interested and willing to learn. We develop the knowledge, understanding, collaboration skills, self-management, research, thinking and communication and values. We believe that learning is a process of development and to develop students who are intelligent, reflective and resilient.
  • Achieving competency in accordance with standards of the National Curriculum (K-13).
  • Develop communication skills across disciplines, collaborate, think, do research, and management themselves.
  • Become an effective communicator, have the ability of literacy and numeracy are good.
  • Being a role model implementation the values ​​of integrity, caring, responsible, honest, and open-minded.
  • Developing resources through the use of technology, cooperation and communication.
  • Being self-reflective learners and have a sense of empathy.
  • Being a learner who understands the diverse cultural, global and internationally minded world to serve others.
  • Develop tenacity and perseverance through a balanced educational program and extensive.



YPJ is a community of diverse cultures and languages. Therefore, the language used among students is very diverse. In line with the results of research and best practices in language learning process, then YPJ support the maintenance and use of the mother tongue of each student. This will assist students in the development of additional languages. Indonesian is used as the language of learning, the language of communication at school and at home. English is taught as a foreign language at all levels of school YPJ. English is a global language that can contribute to the success of students in the outside world after they completed the study in YPJ later.


Literacy and Literacy

Literacy learning / literacy performed in homes, schools, and communities. In YPJ, developed and improved literacy learning through a balanced literacy approach, the appropriate level of student progress to encourage the quality of communication, freedom and reflection. Denagn literacy programs implemented through an integrated approach to other subjects. Students do reading, writing, speaking and listening, in a meaningful context, for various purposes and various listeners (audiences).


Special Services Learning

YPJ is a public school. Serving students with the cultural background and language are diverse, including differences in abilities, interests, and learning styles. YPJ also offer special services for students in need. Such services can be provided, but not limited to the students to develop language skills, general academic achievement and social development / emotionally. Possible special services provided to students in a particular grade. Decisions about the type and level of special services are made based on the needs of students, as well as the resources that are available today.


Pranti Usage Policy (ICT)

Integration of Information and Computer Technology (ICT) in learning the focus of great attention in school YPJ. Therefore YPJ providing ICT tools including Internet network that can be used by teachers and students to support the learning process interactive and creative. All devices belonging YPJ ICT is, therefore, teachers and students are required to keep and maintain properly. Teachers and students are allowed to bring personal devices owned ICT, but is optional. Policies, regulations on the use of ICT school property and private property can be seen in the share-point or the school website.