Trace the Past, Focused Today, Pursuing Tomorrow

Trace the Past, Focused Today, Pursuing Tomorrow


The presence of Freeport Indonesia in Tembagapura, Irian Jaya, in 1972 gave new life to the eastern end of the Papua province. The silence of the valley and the highlands of the Jayawijaya mountains range created a passion to utilize the natural resources of the earth. Indonesian pioneers were courageous and challenged the forces of nature to create a better life. Freeport Indonesia hired families from all parts of Indonesia. The presence of families in Tembagapura created the need of and educational system for children.

On August 7, 1973, Mr. Ali Budiharjo, Vice President and Resident Director of Freeport Indonesia, established the Jayawijaya Education Foundation before a notary Abdul Latif. This foundation assigned the duty and responsibility to manage schools in Tembagapura. Members of the first Foundation Board were Ir. R.M. Goenardi as Chairman, Mr. Hans Risakota as Secretary, Ir. R. Komardi as Treasurer with members of Mr. GT Stock, Ir. Sutan Usman Pamuntjak, Witjaksono, and Tonny Tuwaidan.

The opening of YPJ in Tembagapura was an integral part of the development of PT Freeport Indonesia in 1973 when Mine Ore Mountains (Erstberg) began operations. Without YPJ, families could not occupy Tembagapura. YPJ become one of the important contributors to the creation of Tembagapura city as a dynamic, residential area.  This multinational society was filled with the spirit of brotherhood and togetherness.

The Tembagapura campus is located on a plateau surrounded by mountains.  The Kuala Kencana campus was established in 1996 located in the lowland area of Mimika Regency. ​​Kuala Kencana is clean beautiful city blended within the tropical forests of Papua. Each campus is comprised of three units; Kindergarten which includes preschool, Elementary School, and Middle School.

YPJ Tembagapura started with 267 students: 54 in Kindergarten, 179 in Elementary, and 34 in Middle School. In recent times, YPJ’s dual campuses has served as many as 1,500 students. For almost 45 years, Jayawijaya Schools Education Foundation has provided quality education for the children of PTFI employees and affiliates within the jobsite.

YPJ alumni are currently in local and central government positions and employed in major companies including PTFI. Our school is proud of our academic achievement record and the values our students possess. Our students excel in the national exams and have a record of competition at the national and international level.