Welcome to Campus Tembagapura

Welcome to Campus Tembagapura

Praises and honnor we should give toward the presence of  God's Almighty for the mercy and grace to us.


Welcome to Campus YPJ Tembagapura. This is place where school of YPJ begins throungh Jayawijaya Education Foundation, founded in 1973 by PT. Freeport Indonesia in order to provide the best education for children of PTFI employees and affiliates.

Being in the work area of Tembagapura Mine City with the geographical location of the highland of Mimika regency, precisely under the foot of the mountain Zaagham Mile 68 Tembagapura district at an altitude of 2300 meters above sea level causes a cold climate, cool and misty with high rainfall.

Campus YPJ Tembagapura have three units school here from early childhood, elementary and junior high school with the number of students of about 700 peoples from various ethnic groups, races and religions in Indonesia show that complete unity in diversity but one to Indonesia.

This is a national schools that implement the National Curriculum using the framework of the PYP (Primary Years Programme) of the International Bacculaureate Organization based in Switzerland. Learning methods of Inquiry, Play Based Learning and Learning, active, innovative, creative and fun. Our learners profile is Balanced, Care, Take a risk, Reflective, Principled, Open-minded, broad Knowledgeable, Curious, Thinkers, Communicators and able to compete.

Our facilities provided by PT. Freeport Indonesia, with adequate according to the needs of the students, plus faculty professionals because recruits with criteria is high enough, to ensure the quality of the students can align with students from other places both nationally and internationally and will soon be useful for the family and the nation

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