Welcome to Campus Kuala Kencana

Welcome to Campus Kuala Kencana

The Jayawijaya Educational Foundation is an educational institution under PT. Freeport Indonesia that houses educational services in Tembagapura and Kuala Kencana Mimika Papua. The campus of YPJ Kuala Kencana is located in the lowlands of Mimika district. It is located about 20 km from the center of the town of Timika. The campus of YPJ Kuala Kencana was established on August 30, 1996. It has three school units, namely YPJ Kuala Kencana early childhood, YPJ Kuala Kencana elementary, and YPJ Kuala Kencana junior high school. Students come from different regions with different cultural backgrounds, ethnicity, religion and language thus greatly enriching the diversity that exists on the campus of YPJ Kuala Kencana.


With pride from the school's vision of an innovative and a progressive school, we continue to develop ourselves to prepare students to face the challenges of the 21st century. Accomplishments continue as we achieve our goals in the early childhood, the elementary, and the junior high school of YPJ Kuala Kencana. In the year 2015, the early childhood and elementary schools of YPJ Kuala Kencana received authorization to use the PYP framework and has implemented this philosophy of learning.


As educational research advances, we continue to strive to provide learning opportunities. Teacher development continues through various professional programs which include : educational experts , school team leaders, sharing learning practices between teachers, taking part in PYP training, and teacher certification. The development of student learning continues through a variety of programs and strategies, such as : using the behavior management program called Second Step, extended studies, worship services, After School Activities and others. We are also improving the school facilities and campus safety. We have partnership for the development of schools around us, which include outreach programs, such as those performed by ECD YPJ KK with training for teachers in the early childhood district of Mimika, as well as joining competitions sponsored by YPJ, and so forth.


We cooperate and communicate with parents through open houses, parent conferences, and parent workshops. Collaboration between the various parties is expected to continue to improve the quality of education on the campus of YPJ Kuala Kencana.


Finally, please enjoy your visit to the YPJ website, especially the campus of YPJ Kuala Kencana.


Warm Regards,


Abidin Nur Rahmat

Head of Campus YPJ Kuala Kencana


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